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Since Status Update 2023, I consider to open consulting about software engineers in general case. Whether you have a greenfield project to develop or need someone to give insight/lead for changes. You can hire me!


I mostly work in Web Development, and have experienced on C++, Go, Python, Javascript, PHP. Also have experienced simplify managed mission-critical server at big scale.


I generally only accept part-time work, Once your project has been accepted, I will provide resource to your project, reviewing process and give assumption, and lending assistant with planning and execution.

Once everything is sorted, the execution as contracts goes. This also good opportunity to me, do some questions and clarifications which client needed. All updates goes as "status update" which client can see progress and exchange mid-cycle process together, this make project more transparency and fun, and also doing as expected.


Pricing is essentially a function of factors project would be target small to medium-sized businesses, which pushes prices down. I also offer high-end services which pushed up prices.

As 12 Jul 2023, Right now this settles on a $80/hour lowest standard base rate. But there may some tweak on rates depending how means of client. I will generally expect a deposit from unfamiliar customers.

I dont take any positive endorsement to my job and place here, but you can see some my works as points to hire me, You can send me mail in English, Bahasa Indonesia, Melayu, русский, 日本語.

For record, please consider except answer at least 24 hours or make agreements before do any hiring.