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Status update 2023

I lied about making update status about making update for everyone about what going on started 2023, better than never.


Earlier this year I spend most time learning Golang which first impression is pretty nice, and I like how they make documentation so easy to read. And gonna publish "secret" which some written on golang pretty soon (No ETA).

"Secret" have rough development lately because I lost motivation on it, and step aside making $WORK project which more complex every time I tried do it. But "secret" design was making so carefully to prevent any complexity on program. Most feature aleardy implemented, I also aleardy testing it on when I host this blog running on OpenBSD which running fine so far.

Last time I checked I was 23 years old. I currently still do freelance job besides working on some SaaS company which making proprietary software which not good either. For last years I tried making managed service server progress pretty good and I got good spot for long-term. And I was thinking to resign to my current job and got more active on my small business. I have some amount saving for now and something I calculate to good for long-time. So you can probably want hire me by send me mail.

I also probably open mailing-list for any generic-question soon, so looking forward for it.

I also discovered honk which simple activitypub server which can connect to people on any other activitypub server with simple installation. If you don't know about fediverse its basically social media which connected one each other so censorship almost impossible (unless server admin was block your server on their side). You can check source code honk which pretty simple and funny. Using sqlite as database and you only need running binary and done.

That all for now, See you for next update~