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Status update 2024 Edition

Pass-late 2023, many things happens unexceptionally which making 2024 hard to say, everything was "fine" as expected.

And, Hallo!

First all, dont that much pressure about that, this only just to make "aware" about many stuff will rolling on this update. I've been pretty quite lately, but there has some work behind scene about $PROJECT behind the scene. In fact, I have now reached some stuff at once, so it seems like a good time to write about it.

Its named Midori, it was one of set tools for status monitoring which customizable in any way sense, it means scripting was possible. The goals was:

  • To work in any environment (VM/Bare Metal/cloud like ec2)
  • Not require any additional environment, be agnostic as possible
  • Have good stability to running on most worst possible case
  • Lightweight and easy to understand (painless)

This probably best explained so far. I manage a few servers, but I do changes quite often. I also forget stuff if something broken, I may not remember that last changed I made. So with this status monitoring I can see events which something broken at tell time or some additional info (thanks to scripting) like which last git commit this changes, which kinda nice to have.

Midori is work in progress, It may be mature enough to support use-case as status monitoring, I also use this as my Managed services which open public as this article release, which include midori pre-release source code and any perks you can get as I state on my work page.

I keep managed services limited quota to make sure I can handle stuff and also testing midori on prolong time development which nice to have. You can send me mail to inquires the service.

Midori was one of $PROJECT set tools which funny was published public first than project one. For everyone was helping me passed 2023, thanks you so much for any contribution and mandate was given to me. From bottom my heart is so flattered to can get independent situation on this position.

I also thanks to everyone give me letter about encourage and happy new year, for people send it from far other side world.

Also for your keeping reading my posting until now, I hope this getting more longer than ever.

That all for now, See you for next update~