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March status update

Technology changes, climbing up from poor decision and lazy bump which "should" be on couple months ago.


In recent couple months, I spend some insight time I have to do web development which something I lacking on many ways, for some-way I admiring from far how complicate it was, Rapid-development couldn't be achieve pretty easy with some web specification (HTML/CSS/JS) which it should be.

Tools was should be helping was like "this great until on edge case coming, find lee-way was problematic and wasting time on most case scenario" and enjoyment wasn't there and struggle was friend in 90% scenario.

People can argue you can make website without X/Y/Z tooling, but on many scenario after something really big and people in-out do contribution it somehow hard to understand what coding does thanks to web specification itself too much path to "how do stuff".

Something which I hoping there some web tooling which have strict stuff, and make any possibly-way surface so low and code looks like same even people coding on different paradigm way. I still learning the way, If you have some advice to achieve or pulling information from this, please send me mail.

For many days on this month, I have much times to free and consider to play some games pile on dust on my watchlist, many was great! thanks for people recommended me on mail. Probably some article for it to share which coming up!

Next was my Redmi 2 was died, not because it broke. device was release on 2015 which nearly 9 years of services as counted on 2024. My unit was coming from 2017 and 2 times changed battery, other was LCD cause my poor decision making making it broke. It super good invest nonetheless.

But technology changes, serviceability was nearly as hard become since any component on this phone was there no good incentive for manufacturer to do this. I admit it, and this time do change.

Smartphone marketplace was changed on some way than back in days, there some scale from smartphone manufacture to reach any scale economy to point feesible any single human have "smartphone" on their pocket and grow their sale. It's great achievement from technology advance to provided digital environment more easily which on the point in some interaction we dont need do any complicate stuff.

I compile so detailed since 2021 when struggle was on the sight when using Redmi 2 and how priority phone should be so here we are

Must have streotype :

  • Phone should be have good idle/saving battery management, Phone was nearly idle on most times only running XMPP Client and some Low sync like WebDAV-stuff.
  • Bootloader should be easy unlocked without 3rd party involved, its okay if require special apps one-time.
  • Phone should be have Source code kernel and vendor provided, require to do any changes or making custom ROM.
  • Components should be easier to find on Asian market like AliExpress on common spareparts shop.
  • Phone should be not under 2018 Release.

Requirements :

  • NFC, I using this everyday many times. For 3 years I use some dongle USB Reader to my Redmi 2 until at this point, phone with NFC was easier to find even on low margin. So its mandate for me to have.
  • Minimum 4 GB RAM, For mostly time I only lurking on 1 apps and Sync + XMPP Client on background.
  • 4G, duh. And make sure its not early-band one.

Good-to-have :

  • USB-C, its little bit obvious and convience-way for current market phone. So I can hookup another peer cable to charging up.
  • OLED Screen, Just better coloring and battery saving. But for Xiaomi-early IPS Panel quality as minimal requirements.
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 (5), its things on most Wi-Fi right now.
  • Compact size, ~5.7 inches size with max ~6.5 inches.
  • SD Card slot, Its good to have, but okay to sacrifice.
  • Consider backpanel wasn't glass / not breakable panel.

Some phones I aleardy touch so far, the plus one which I consider to have :

  • (+) Xiaomi Pocophone X3 NFC, Phone is simply amazing, nothing missing on list.
  • (+) Xiaomi Pocophone F1, Something I consider to have, plus support postmarketOS.
  • (+) Xiaomi Redmi 9, The priority phone one, nothing shabby and going have all on list.
  • (+) Google Pixel 4/6, Almost have all on list, unless SD Card.
  • LG V20, Screen was ghosting on unacceptable condition. Components level support almost EOL and was hard to find (battery, accessories).
  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 10/10s, Camera on level unacceptable, battery was poor even AMOLED version (10s) one, custom ROM wasn't fix anything.
  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 12 4G, Idle battery was worst and I have good moment when this phone was close my XMPP Client when I on focus app.
  • Xiaomi Mi A1/A2, Screen have sick motion (A1) and phone have worst idle time battery management, even Custom ROM one.
  • Samsung Galaxy S10e, Unlocked Bootloader consider pain, there only Snapdragon-one have source code kernel which on hard price and components was hard to find.

Its list was inspired by someone send me message which have almost same issue with now market phone and didn't get fail on same trap, and list would be update If I touch the phone which consider candidate to test out.

And some article about phone was coming soon up, so stay tune!

Thanks for this month, hopefully there no such hassle coming to me and your, the reader :)

See ya~