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Game #1

Its been while since last post, some post still on my draft but since [hastag]homestay and police rally on the city to call to "stay home and dont infect the other".

I born with Playstation 1 still good, and Playstation 2 come after thay. I play a lot RPG game on PSX like Breath of Fire 3, League of Legaia, Tales of Destiny, and some big name like Final Fantasy and something like that.

But when PS2 came out, im still love with PSX game a LOT. PSX have more RPG Games than PS2, and im still stick on it for long time.

Disclamair : Im not good at make review, maybe this doesnt describe very well or not anything, im sorry for that.

Some games actually recommended to play on classic PSX games, there no sort tier or the best one here :

  1. Breath of Fire 3

Its great RPG with long gameplay and I spend around 12 Hours gameplay to finish this game without any spoiler and walktrough, This game you play as a guy who have power of deus (actually dragon but indonesian Translation-version say it dewa) and embarking to find other deus which form as dragons with some friends came along on your adventures.

Game have basic elements of classic RPG like, but Battle style is like Suikodden which Turn-Based with some dynamic combo if you chain some skill.

There no side-story like Suikodden, but this story is good and very intresting to find out what the next is going on.

  1. Final Fantasy Tactics

If you asked me how much I spend time for this game, I pretty sure have more than 200+ Hours. Its my first step game on Final Fantasy Franchise. Game is about a young blood named Ramza Beoulve which find out the truth about 300 Years of War, story begin with sadness of passed away of beloved father, friendship, loyalty, and traitor.

Story is good, there no wasting time you got. And Game has many possiblites to do like you can Change your job / your mercenary like Chemist can throw some potion on your head to heal you, and some a guy which smash your with magic, or someone which can make your mercenary to defect on you and much more.

Game is pretty simple, 80% game actually have objective to kill all an enemy, other percent is save someone or kill someone. And Its Turn-Based Battle System like Battle Orge or Disgaea. You can set formation to your mercenary and main character, think possible way to win againt enemy and win. Thats it.

  1. Brigandine

This game is Turn-Based Strategy with some elements of RPG. Game is about war and story along with it. Events may trigger when something, and story is came when you do certain point, the point of this game your actually conquer the land and win the game, but if you dont do side-story you would be missing many things, there a lot side-story on this game your need discover.

About gameplay, this game is turn-based-hexagon-or-whenever-the-name which your can deploy and summon monster to help you conquer the land, you can evolve the monster to power up. And people lead the army is officer with possesed with mana, mana is based level of officer, more mana is make your can deploy more powerfull monsters or more monsters.

That's 3 Games is worth time for me, cause i like this a lot. There many games that good, but on my side memory, These games always come up first when I turn on my PSX Console.