Dani Pragustia's Website


Who I am

I graduated from Senior High School as Software engineering, I learn web progamming back the days.

Why choosing me?

I simply would take costumers as ‘person’ and serve as ‘family-friendly’, contract can flexible and more convience way without any worries. I can make your dream website or web application as well, you got fully potential and control over your program. And the program output as 100% Open Source so nothing hidden stuff!

How about price?

Price depends how much spend time per day, I recognize myself as people have passion on making good software not as the fast one. So if the project was interest for me, I would give price more less or even free if possible.


There many way you could contribute:

I fill pity if would got some money without do anything, so in case if your want to donate me. Please consider to hire me instead by sending mail (for any sensitive infomation, please use GPG).

As for now, I consider using Librepay as donation, for indonesian people please consider send me mail to get local payment.

Paypal only the best-way do donating to me, because some other platform was difficult to implement on my country.