Dani Pragustia's Website


Hi, My name is Dani Pragustia, This blog about things that interest me, most is about software and technology and sometimes mumble about something around the world and myself.

English isn’t my primary language, for mostly time I using Bahasa Indonesia.



I like almost any kind of game, if that doesnt make me bad mood. I use my most times to play RPG on back era of PSX, and on that time RPG mostly have TBS and RTS Mechanism game. So my genre transition always lead to Strategy Games.


Mostly my music is classical music, but i like the music if it good at my taste. My taste doesnt have specific type to describe.


I love books so much, they have story to tell for me. Pretty much I read was Sciene Books. Books I read most was like “Did you know?” book, its have format title like “X: Did you this stuff?”.

My Computer

Using Thinkpad T430, slightly upgrade from last X200, Its heavy one and durablity still same as previous generation without compromise. Processor could be upgrade like Desktop one which you can get quad-core QM-Series from computer marketplace and maxing 16 GB DDR3 ram, 1080p little bit okay-ish there no such NVENC sadly and poor NVIDIA Optimus technology. Consider got T440p / T480 in future but for now its little bit step forward until next periodic time.

I primary use Thinkpad X200, the best laptop ever made, Its durable and compact. Disassembly laptop is very simple and all parts of this machine is user replaceable and cheap (on local market as low as ~50$ including motherboard itself). This laptop still good almost 10 years without any major issue. But there some issue like cpu itself pretty old Core 2 Duo and it struggle to running any video up to 720p (x264 is fine).

For any heavy computing compiling, I use hourly VPS but this only rarely case.

I also have phone as my media center, it was Xiaomi Redmi 3 Pro which the best phone and I have two of them (other was not pro version), its pretty cheap and very strong for any unexcepted accident. Mine was secondhand which I buy from 2018 and still rock. Have IPS 720p LCD, big chunk battery 4100mAh, Aluminum Case and without any silly design (notch, less bezell, big screen).

Operation System

Using Alpine Linux as my primary Operation System, Aleardy ditch Windows since 8.1 out of services and there no reason to upgrade the new one. Changed Windows with Linux Mint to play some games if some GPU Computing was needed, but mostly time Intel iGPU was fine.

I use Alpine Linux as my operation system, I also have Windows 8.1 on my second HDD for certain thing cause my laptop wasnt good enough running virtual machine. Alpine Linux almost have anything what needed, and very lightweight and simple.



My public key can find here or mirror.

If you have the old one, I dont use it anymore. This is the new one

Best way to contact me is email, if you want send me GPG-mail, you can send me your key. For XMPP you need client support OMEMO.

For the note, I am not read public mail often, unless we have conversation before. But I would read it when I have time. I cant give estimate time for reply, please bear on me.

If you use Gm4il or Hotm4il, sometimes mail would to send to spam, unless you send me at first time.