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  • March status update

    Technology changes, climbing up from poor decision and lazy bump which "should" be on couple months ago.

  • Status update 2024 Edition

    Pass-late 2023, many things happens unexceptionally which making 2024 hard to say, everything was "fine" as expected.

  • Messaging Protocol

    I always debate myself, how hostile messaging protocol right now, and do some research is answer for that.

  • Status update 2023

    I lied about making update status about making update for everyone about what going on started 2023, better than never.

  • In praise of Redmi 3

    This article written using markor on Redmi 3 Pro Its almost 2 years since last article write on this blog, hopefully I can do status update on here for next time. On my about page I said using Redmi 3 as my media center and nothing change until now and today is hit 4 years using this phone.


Dani Pragustia

Clerk Typist Programmer, Messing around with something I find intresting.

I using sourcehut for mostly time.

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